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ज्योतिष” भाग्य नहीं बदलता बल्कि कर्म पथ बताता है, और सही कर्म से भाग्य को बदला जा सकता है इसमें कोई संदेह नहीं है।

customised chart reading

  1. Book this reading to get answer of any one pressing issue of your life . you will be provided with  a clear and to the point answer with remedies in 200 words

Book this reading to get any 3 questions of your answered via vedic astrology. The analysis will be provided in a screen recorded videos format .Explaining the strength and weakness of your chart along with the remedies.

book of life

Book this reading to get your comprehensive palm analysis in a video format .where in your palm lines will be decoded in a scientific way explaining the meaning of the distinguishing features of your palm lines fingers   ,mounts ,and the shape of the palm . you will be entitled to any 3 specific questions in this package. which will be answered with proper remedies

this package is designed for all the lovers of my real life analysis series. Here your any 3 questions will be answered via palmistry and,astrology. you will be provided with a 30 min long screen recorded video of comprehensive analysis of your details.  your complete chart will be decoded,your 3 questions will be answered &properremedies will be advised.

Book this reading to get any 1 question answered through numerology. From scrutinizing the energy in your NAME NUMBER to understanding the depth of your life path number .this package is going to blow your mind with the significance of numbers in your life.

book this reading to get a face to face reading from me on a skype call where you can discuss your astrological chart in details with me for a call duration lasting up to 50 minutes.

never rely on compatibility results generated by MATCH MAKING apps for a life long decision by availing this package . Your chart willget matched on all the doctrines of HINDU ASTROLOGY &a clear answer will be justified in a screen recorded video for clients through scrutinisation &understanding.

Book this reading to know about the best chosen career field for you.Where the advise will be given after scrutinising planetary strength alignments in concerned verga charts &after closely contemplating ongoing planetary time periods(dasha),All the parameters used in career consultation will be justified in a screen.

Book this reading to know about the effect of any imminent planetary transit in your life.where your ongoing DASHA(time period) will be scrutinised parallel with the transiting planet and advices ,precautions &remedies will be advised. All the parameters used in transit consultation will be justified in a screen recorded video for clients through scrutinisation & understanding.

whether you are trying to conceive understanding child birth in a horoscope can help you plan better for the future. Lets delve into the various planetary positions that indicates the possibility of childbirth. Also the timing of child birth according to astrology. we will also explore the impact of astrological factors on fertiity .moreover you can we this knowledge to increase your chances of conception . explore how astrology can help you child birth and pregnancy in astrology. 

the baby live in the womb for 9months and 9 days .It has a scientific basis. the 9 planets of our universe develop the child growing in the womb with their own rays. 

every planets develops the parts of the child  s body according to its nature .If a planet is week at the time of the child growing n the womb, then it can be cured by remedy